The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s most complex female stories were written by women

The Mary Tyler Moore Show to female writers trying to break into the industry: "Write as many ...more

A look back at Glamour's iconic cover girls

Landing a 'Glamour' cover was a career changer for many women in Hollywood.

10 things you should know about 'I Married Joan'

There's a lot to know about the wacky housewife!

10 stunning facts you never knew about the Barbie doll

The doll that billions bought graced a million-dollar Andy Warhol painting.

10 supersonic, hot-hot-hot one-hit wonders from 1988

Don't worry, you'll be happy to hear these again.

March 4, 1968: The LeClair Affair

“People remember the protests and the hippies and this and that,” said Behr. “I don’t ...more

5 lucky facts about McDonald's Shamrock Shake

It's that time of year again!

6 Newhart episodes that are basically fairy tales

Once upon a time, at the Stratford Inn…

8 classy facts about Julie Andrews

What would the stage or screen be without Julie Andrews?

I Love Lucy and I Married Joan had a whole lot in common

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7 tried-and-true facts about Levi's denim

You're probably wearing them right now.

6 Easter eggs Newhart fans should have caught

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'I Love Lucy,' 'Mary Tyler Moore,' 'Newhart' and more join a new Decades lineup March 5

Television Across the Decades will be a time machine through the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s.

10 things you might not know about Andy Warhol

A pioneer in the pop-art movement, Warhol effectively combined the art world with celebrity culture ...more
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