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Chicago’s “Sod Father”

"There's six of us who have been in Major League Baseball: My grandfather, my dad, my two uncles, my cousin, Brian…and then myself. We have over, I think, close to 230 years in the industry." Does this sound like a man recalling his family history playing ball? That’s not quite the case here. Roger Bossard, also known as “The Sod Father,” talks about following in his family’s footsteps, and his 50-year career as groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox.

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston

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The Enzo Ferrari Story

What happens when an ambitious Italian race car driver isn’t satisfied with placing fourth ... more

Murray Woroner's "Super Fight"

In 1970, radio producer Murray Woroner used computer technology and the magic of film to create ... more
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