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Edison vs. Nikola

“Topsy” the elephant was publicly electrocuted on January 4, 1903. Topsy’s owners decided to put her down after the four ton elephant killed three handlers. A team of technicians flipped the switch that sent more than 6,000 volts of alternating current through Topsy. It was a victory for Nikola Tesla is his war with Thomas Edison about commercializing electric current.

Murray Woroner's "Super Fight"

In 1970, radio producer Murray Woroner used computer technology and the magic of film to create ... more

Yes, Virginia, There is a…

In the late 1800s eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlan wrote a letter to a New York City newspaper ... more

Night of Broken Glass

Kristallnacht. The literal meaning is "Night of Crystal," or "Night of Broken Glass.” The term ... more
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