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Erwin Rommel's Retreat

One of Germany’s most feared and respected commander’s was finally brought down to size in 1942. Erwin Rommel, a skilled combat leader, had moved his offensive across North Africa and scored a decisive victory against the British. But Rommel’s Afrika Korps had fallen into a supply crisis. That weakness gave the British Army, led by Bernard Montgomery, an opening to exploit and eventually forced Rommel to retreat on November 3, 1942.

Music Meets the MP3

The m-peg one audio layer three, got its official name of .mp3 on July 14, 1995. It became the ... more

The Kentucky Derby: The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports

The Kentucky Derby has been called “the most exciting two minutes in sports” and the big ... more

Jones Act Battles Bootlegging

Prohibition didn’t keep the American public from importing, exporting or consuming alcohol. ... more
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