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First Mid-Season Major League Baseball Strike

1981 saw the first mid-season baseball strike in history. The last eight games of the exhibition season were off and the season was canceled until further notice. At issue was free-agent compensation. By the end of June, players were missing their first paycheck. It would be the end of July before a tentative agreement would be reached. The season resumed August 9, with the All-Star game in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jack Dempsey’s Fall From Grace

It was a crushing end for one of the greatest athletes of the 1920s. In 1926, five-time heavyweight ... more

Metric Conversion Act

Liberia, Myanmar and the United States all have one thing in common and it can be measured in ... more

Arson at the UpStairs Lounge

Today, we remember the horrific attack on a gay bar in New Orleans that occurred in 1973. It ... more
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