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Going Once! Going Twice!

Theirs was referred to as the love story of the century. Edward VIII, The Duke of Windsor, showered his American wife, Wallis Simpson, with jewels over the course of their lives. The collection was valued at $7 million, and was auctioned off after their deaths for more than $50 million dollars! The auction was held from April 2 to 3, 1987.

Colt Revolver

Samuel Colt Paterson revolutionized firearms with his five-shot revolver design. But the pistols ... more

Comedy for the Ages: Gilbert Gottfried

"I remember both of us just playing off each other and improvising and riffing, and they used ... more

Up, Up And Away

At times they were discouraged, but not defeated. Wilbur and Orville Wright’s story is truly ... more
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