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Going Once! Going Twice!

Theirs was referred to as the love story of the century. Edward VIII, The Duke of Windsor, showered his American wife, Wallis Simpson, with jewels over the course of their lives. The collection was valued at $7 million, and was auctioned off after their deaths for more than $50 million dollars! The auction was held from April 2 to 3, 1987.

Sue the Dinosaur Finds a New Home in Chicago

A decade after the discovery of the oldest, largest and most complete tyrannosaurus rex fossil ... more

Bill Remembers: The VW Bus

Bill Kurtis speaks about going to California in 1970 and seeing the streets overrun with the ... more

Mrs. Arthur Miller

A look inside the media frenzy that extended all the way to Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s ... more
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