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Great White Fleet

President Theodore Roosevelt was on hand when the Great White Fleet set sail to circumnavigate the world. On December 16, 1907, 16 new battleships painted white were anchored off the coast of Hampton Roads, Virginia. The pride of the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic fleet, with 14,000 sailors and marines, set off on a 43,000-mile journey.

The Spruce Goose Takes Flight

It was its first and last flight. Howard Hughes piloted the 200-ton “Spruce Goose” to lift ... more

Henry Ford Sets Speed Record

The founder of the Ford Motor Company set a world speed record on January 12, 1904. Driving model ... more

Music Meets the MP3

The m-peg one audio layer three, got its official name of .mp3 on July 14, 1995. It became the ... more
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