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Heidi Game Debacle

What does a little girl in braids who lives in the Swiss Alps have to do with football? Well on November 17, 1968, she proved to have quite an impact on one particular NFL game. When fans came back from a commercial break to watch the end of a game that was running long, they instead found Heidi in her movie starting at it’s previously scheduled time. That programming choice changed how football is watched to this very day.

Gunpowder Plot

It was a plan to blow up Parliament on November 5, 1605. Robert Catesby and his co-conspirators ... more

Yankee Stadium Opens

"The house that Babe Ruth built," Yankee stadium, first opened its doors on April 18, 1923. Over ... more

Monkeys in Space

The first two monkeys to survive a round-trip to space were “Able” and “Miss Baker.” ... more
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