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Lawrence of Arabia

Possibly the inspiration for Indiana Jones, Thomas Edward Lawrence is known to the world as Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence became an expert in Arab affairs while working as an archaeologist throughout the Middle East. He put that knowledge to use when he later joined British intelligence, and played a key role in the Great Arab Revolt against Ottoman Turks. Leading guerrilla forces behind Turkish lines he destroyed bridges and supply trains and raided key ports and towns. Lawrence became the legend that we know him to be today.

Jim Ryun: The Master of the Mile

The “master of the mile” set one of his six world records on June 23, 1967. The teenage Olympian ... more

First Handheld Calculator

The first scientific pocket calculator hit the market in 1972. It was the HP 35. It got its name ... more

Retrospectacle: Surfing

Surfing moved from subculture to popular culture in the 1950s. Gone were boards made from redwood, ... more
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