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The Eastland Disaster

"The policeman who was witnessing this said the boat just turned over, like an egg in the water and people were thrown into the river. It was silent and over within seconds and happened six feet from the shore in front of tens of thousands of people.” Jay Bonansinga, author of “The Sinking of the Eastland,” recounts the perfect storm of events that took 844 lives on July 24, 1915.

Railroad Deal of 1944

In 1942, railroad workers’ unions demanded a raise. Concerned about a strike, President Roosevelt ... more

1950s Payola Scandal

It was an era when radio DJ’s could make or break an artist. They had complete control over ... more

The Spruce Goose Takes Flight

It was its first and last flight. Howard Hughes piloted the 200-ton “Spruce Goose” to lift ... more
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