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The Heroic History of Newspaper Comics

Reading the Sunday funnies has been a hobby enjoyed by comic lovers spanning generations. It can all be traced back to Tarzan, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. This trio of champions initiated a wave of characters who illustrated the battle between good and evil. From exotic lands to high-flying spaceships, their adventures were first captured on the pages of the Sunday paper.

Johnstown Flood

On May 31, 1889, a flood of enormous proportions took the lives of over 2,000 people in Johnstown, ... more

First U.S. Postal Service Mail Truck

U.S. mail delivery began by foot and progressed to horse and buggy and train. At the top of the ... more

Edison’s Phonograph

"I produce a minor invention every month and a major one every six months." With over 1,000 patents ... more
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