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The Stamp Act Provokes Ire

After Britain won the battle to claim territory west of the Ohio River Valley, they realized the victory also came with a price tag. To defray some of the costs the Stamp Act–a tax on colonists—went into effect on March 22, 1765. The act called for every single piece of paper printed to be taxed. Colonists fought back with riots, protests and secret organizations. One of them, the Sons of Liberty, played a major role in getting the act repealed in March 1766.

Coca-Cola Bottle Patented

“When you drink out of a Coke bottle, you know you've had a classic experience." Coca-Cola ... more

Heidi Game Debacle

What does a little girl in braids who lives in the Swiss Alps have to do with football? Well ... more

Fosbury Flop

Twenty-one-year-old Dick Fosbury changed the high jump on October 20, 1968. His backward facing ... more
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