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All this month, Decades presents an array of made-for-TV movies and television pilots.

Today we feature five action-packed made-for-TV movies, including the pilot for series Wonder Woman.

Today's Theme: Made-for-TV Movies

Through the Decades - March 22

Through the Decades profiles the life and career of actor William Shatner.
7:00AM | 7:00PM | 10:00PM

The Dick Cavett Show: Groucho Marx

Today’s Dick Cavett Show features an interview with comedy legend Groucho Marx.

Feature Film: The Capture of Grizzly Adams (1982)

In this made-for-TV movie, Dan Haggerty reprises his role from The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. This time the mountain man must clear himself of a wrongful murder charge and rescue his daughter.
9:00AM | 12:00AM

Feature Film: Kung Fu: The Way of the Tiger, The Sign of the Dragon (1972)

David Carradine stars as Caine in this movie of the week that kicked off the acclaimed Kung Fu television series.
11:00AM | 2:00AM

Feature Film: T.J. Hooker: The Protectors (1982)

William Shatner stars in this television movie that launched T.J. Hooker. With a crimewave sweeping the city, a troubled veteran cop tries to bring new recruits up to snuff.
12:30PM | 3:30AM

Feature Film: Wonder Woman (Pilot) (1974)

Lynda Carter stars in the pilot for the 1970s action series Wonder Woman. In this origin story, Wonder Woman accompanies an American soldier back to the States to help combat the Nazi threat during World War II.
2:00PM | 5:00AM

Feature Film: Wonder Woman: The Return of Wonder Woman (1977)

Wonder Woman again ventures from Paradise Island, this time to fight an evil mastermind who has created a powerful robot.
3:30PM | 6:30AM


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