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Enjoy back-to-back episodes of The Mod Squad starting at 2PM | 1C and 12AM | 11C.

The hippest undercover cops around, Pete, Linc and Julie infiltrate the criminal world with their knowledge of the streets.

Through the Decades - July 18

Through the Decades looks back at when Nadia Comaneci achieved a perfect 10 at the Montreal Olympics.
7:00AM | 1:00PM | 7:00PM | 10:00PM

The Dick Cavett Show: Joe Namath, Joan Rivers & Adam Clayton Powell

Today’s Dick Cavett Show features interviews with football star Joe Namath, television personality Joan Rivers and Congressman Adam Clayton Powell.

Elvis Presley: From the Beginning to the End

Elvis Presley: From the Beginning to the End follows the transformation of Presley from poor country boy to "The King" of rock 'n' roll.
9:00AM | 12:00AM

Unauthorized Biography: Elvis Presley

Catchy songs, swinging hips, unforgettable fashion — Elvis Presley left a long-lasting mark on American culture and music. This documentary relives classic moments from Elvis' career.
10:00AM | 1:00AM

Power Players: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was born on this day in 1913. An episode of Power Players chronicles the life and career of the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary.
11:00AM | 2:00AM

Hollywood Remembers: Red Skelton

Red Skelton was born on this day in 1913. An episode of Hollywood Remembers highlights the career of the comedian.
11:30AM | 2:30AM

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: Lucy Goes to Alaska (1959)

Red Skelton guest stars in “Lucy Goes to Alaska.” When Lucy and the gang fly to Alaska, they end of sharing a cramped hotel room with the comedian.
12:00PM | 3:00AM


10 crazy pieces of advice for women from old magazines

Glue your ears to your head and ask a ghost how you look.

8 of the biggest brands that lied to you in the '70s and '80s

From your morning oatmeal to the Listerine you swished before bed, trust no one.

Decades pay tribute to Martin Landau with a Weekend Binge of 'Mission: Impossible'

Tune in for 42 hours of the classic spy series, July 22 and 23.
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Bill Remembers: Nadia Comaneci

Bill Kurtis looks back on the mesmerizing performance of Nadia Comaneci during the 1976 summer ... more

The First of its Kind

We can’t imagine life without our iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. But none of this would have ... more
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Midnight movies are a breed of their own. Typically the perfect mix of weirdness and camp, it ... more

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Have you ever watched an episode of JAG for the first time and swore that you had seen that ... more

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1967?

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