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Enjoy back-to-back episodes of Medic starting at 2PM | 1C and 1AM | 12C.

This month Decades highlights lost television, showcasing rarities from its Golden Age. Realism is the star of Medic as the series portrays doctors and their procedures as realistic as possible.

The best of The Ed Sullivan Show - Watch on Decades Weekdays at 12pm | 5pm | 11pm ET

Through the Decades - October 13

Through the Decades looks back at the biggest stories to come out of Las Vegas, including how it became the capital of organized crime.
7:00AM | 1:00PM | 7:00PM | 10:00PM

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Today’s guests on The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show include: Tony Bennett, Flip Wilson, Harlem Globetrotters and The Supremes.
12:00PM | 05:00PM | 07:00PM

Feature Film: My Wicked, Wicked Ways: The Legend of Errol Flynn (1985)

Errol Flynn died on this day in 1959. Known for his romantic swashbuckler roles, Flynn is considered a Hollywood great, but behind the scenes addiction and the cruel realities of fame slowly destroyed the movie star.

The Dick Cavett Show: Ingrid Bergman

Today's Dick Cavett Show features an interview with director Ingrid Bergman


5 of the wildest pieces of vintage Star Trek merch

Who doesn't want a sad Spock staring at them from across the room?

5 of Hollywood's creepiest curses

Think about these little factoids the next time you think to yourself, Iit’s just a movie…”

All you need to know about 'All About Eve'

67 years after its release, 'All About Eve' is still a staple of American cinema.
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Comedy for the Ages: Gilbert Gottfried

"I remember both of us just playing off each other and improvising and riffing, and they used ... more

Decades Tune-In Tips

Can't find Decades? Check out this handy video guide on easily getting Decades on your television!

Heard It in a Love Song

“For a whole year I used an excuse not to have to sing it…I didn't want to record that song. ... more
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Which guests appeared more often on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'?

The Ed Sullivan Show ran for a whopping 23 years, introducing countless acts to Americans ... more

Can you complete the names of these 1970s one-hit wonders?

Ready to test your '70s pop music IQ?  There's no better way than mining your memory ... more

Quiz: Which 'Breakfast Club' character would you get detention with?

Image: Universal Pictures We all know the story of The Breakfast Club. The coming-of-age ... more
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