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All this month, Decades presents an array of made-for-TV movies.

From creating fiction to dramatizing fact, the made-for-TV movie has been a staple on television since the 1960s.

Today we feature made-for-TV movies based on real-world situations, including The Truth About Jane, which looks at how a sexual revelation affects a mother-daughter relationship.

Today's Theme: Made-for-TV Movies

The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show

Today’s guests on The Best of the Ed Sullivan Show include: The Supremes, Frank Ifield, The Byrds and Petula Clark.
05:00PM | 11:00PM

Through the Decades - November 14

Through the Decades looks back at the life and career of rapper-turned-preacher Rev Run.
07:00AM | 07:00PM | 10:00PM

Feature Film: Babies (1990)

Three best friends experience the physical and emotional trauma of trying to have children. Amy Madigan stars.

Feature Film: And Then There Was One (1994)

A couple has a baby, only to discover their child's life altering diagnosis. Lindsay Wagner stars.

Feature Film: Bonds of Love (1993)

Based on a true story, a man with a disability fights his family and the court system to marry the woman he loves.

Feature Film: The Truth About Jane (2000)

A mother-daughter relationship is tested when it is revealed that the daughter is a lesbian. Stockard Channing stars.


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