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14 creepy vintage Valentine cards to use if you want to scare your Valentine away

Image: Flickr/@kipling_west

When's the last time you gave or receieved a physical valentine? What used to be a staple of the holiday has fallen by the wayside, just like most other forms of paper communication. While it's great that we're saving trees and whatnot, its hard to not miss paper cards.

Well, that's what we thought before we took a gander at some of these unsettling vintage Valentine cards. Go ahead and scroll through.

Nothing like a diabolical expression and fangs to woo the object of your desires.

Gift your significant other this card featuring Danny Cutie, the gun-wielding baby bandit.

Cooking your love in a cauldron is the ultimate way to display your affection.

Where were we when angry clown cops became romantic imagery?

What says "love" like being bludgeoned from behind an umbrella?


Sure, the pun is cute, but do we want to know the context here?

We weren't afraid before but we sure are now.

This whole valentine would make more sense if her hands were pans.

Did the kid make the dummy his valentine or the other way around?

Nothing like the mention of a rash to get the party started.

Do we even have to say anything about this card?

And your valentine is scared to death.

We get the joke, but ew.

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