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15 behind-the-scenes photos from Green Acres that prove making the show was a wild time

The classic sitcom Green Acres is one of those shows that could only be made in the late 1960s but is also timeless in its inane genius. The ridiculous tone and fantastical elements weren’t that out of the ordinary during the time of I Dream of Jeannie and Lost in Space, but the meta, fourth-wall-breaking gags give it the feel of something that could be made today.

If the episodes are anything to go by, the antics off-camera must have been wild. The amount of hilarious actors, wacky situations and animal costars surely made for a crazy filming experience.

Here are 15 rarely seen behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Green Acres, courtesy of the Everett Collection. Not surprisingly, Arnold the pig steals the show!

Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor act out the recurring telephone pole gag in this promotional shot.

Oliver was meant to be a farmer, he has a literal green thumb!

Arnold soaks up the spotlight.

Just two TV stars dressed in their finery.

Arnold goes over a script with the director.

All the biggest names have their own chairs.

Arnold reading his fan mail.

A candid shot of Eva and Eleanor.

Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor talk in between takes.

Eva and Arnold perform a scene together.

This shot of Arnold and his trainer gives a peak at the set from the actors' point of view.

Just another day on the set of Green Acres.

Arnold getting ready for his closeup (we imagine).

Talent is moving! Arnold leaves the studio.

The worlds of The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres crossed over off-camera as well. Here, actors from both shows dance at a cast party.

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