Tab cola has officially been discontinued

Coca-Cola’s first diet drink was launched in 1963.

Grab your tissues: Here's how Woody Harrelson got cast on Cheers

Harrelson instantly proved his talent was nothing to sneeze at.

Norm's wife appears just one time on Cheers — kind of

The two women who played Vera also played a love interest of Cliff in another holiday episode!

13 hail-worthy facts about 'Taxi'

The series would have been far different with Mandy Patinkin, Sheriff Bart and Tony Clifton.

9 TV shows that were too ahead of their time in the early 1970s

Even Norman Lear and the M*A*S*H creators came up with some overly ambitious flops.

10 fast food burgers you will never eat again

Take a beefy bite out of the past.

6 reasons you should not sleep on the 1985 version of The Twilight Zone

The Grateful Dead, Stephen King, George R. R. Martin and Bruce Willis all had a hand in the first ...more

The incredibly unlikely story of how Judd Hirsch got cast on Taxi

James L. Brooks nearly collapsed. Judd Hirsch nearly said no.

How 'Adventures of Superman' star Jack Larson saved a piece of Charlie Chaplin history and met Seinfeld

A famous prop would have ended up in the trash, had it not been for Jimmy Olsen!

The Cheers bar was technically an illegal fire trap

The front door was not up to code.

Decades presents the Smart Com sitcom block every weeknight

Stay up with the pioneers of television comedy on Decades.

8 th1ngs y0u never kn3w ab0ut Numb3rs

The math adds up to one great TV show.

Interview: Sandy Renda remembers working with Jackie Gleason on The Honeymooners

We chat with one of the last surviving cast members of the classic sitcom.

Barbara Eden made her sitcom debut on I Love Lucy wearing a dress bedazzled by Lucy herself

"I don't know many stars that would do that," Eden said of Lucy's costume decorating.

The disappearance and reappearance of Harry Bentley from The Jeffersons cast

Here's why his character temporarily got written off the show.

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