13 vintage turkey recipes that would ruin anybody's Thanksgiving

Enjoy this heaping second helping of Turkey Day's most dismal dishes.

8 vintage toy ads from the '60s that were popular Christmas gifts

Which of these toys did you have as a child?

5 shows that debuted in the fall during the '60s

A lot of people could argue that the '60s produced the best sitcoms.

Vicki Lawrence got her start through Carol Burnett when she was only 17

Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett's friendship started in one of the most unique ways.

Tom Hanks' first television role came on 'The Love Boat.' Here's why the actor called it 'a big deal'

Hanks' astonishing Hollywood career essentially started aboard The Pacific Princess.

12 frothy facts about 'Cheers'

Learn how Lucille Ball, Prince, pregnancy and "Hilary" relate to the beloved bar sitcom.

Bernie Kopell shut down when 'The Love Boat' ended

"I said, come on, wake up, there's life that's still going on."

R.I.P Jerry Lee Lewis, rock and roll pioneer

Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the great pioneers of rock and roll. He was 87.

10 things we remember from the '80s that hardly exist today

These things got us through the '80s. Today, they hardly exist in everyday life.

10 of the most iconic and influential TV talk show hosts from the '80s

Take a seat on the couch, here are 10 of the best talk show hosts to take the stage in the '80s

Carol Burnett recalls fighting for her comedy variety show to be aired

The legendary actress shared that a CBS vice president didn't believe in The Carol Burnett Show.

7 obscure TV series that share a name with far more famous shows and movies

Friends, The Sixth Sense and The Ghost Busters were all… Seventies shows!

See how your favorite candy bar wrappers evolved over the decades

What did a Baby Ruth look like when you were a kid?

These comedians were mainstays on The Ed Sullivan Show

You might be surprised at who had the most appearances ever on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Portals, time-loops, gremlins and more — 8 spooky episodes of The Twilight Zone

Just in time for Halloween, here are our picks for some of the spookiest Twilight Zone episodes!

8 classic TV stars who appeared in animation

These classic tv stars could act with more than just their faces!

A look back at the career of Joan Hotchkis, playwright for Legacy, Dr. Nancy Cunningham on The Odd Couple

A school teacher turned entertainer, Hotchkis made her name on the stage, at home and at the movie ...more
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