8 logical facts about Leonard Nimoy

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How Kookie and Kramer helped define the hipster on television

Sorry, modern hipsters, you are about 60 years too late.

10 of the coolest vintage items from the Mad Men auction

It's been three years since the acclaimed series ended, and now you can own some of the props.

Every attempted Facts of Life spin-off we wish would've really happened

Apparently The Facts of Life was not about a Richard Dean Anderson spin-off.

10 rock and pop songs that were surprisingly inspired by classic TV shows

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Necco may make its last wafer soon

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8 TV locations you can visit in real life

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One clothing company pretty much dressed every man on TV in the '60s and '70s

Television shows were a live-action catalog for Botany 500 back in the day.

Bidding adieu to the VW Beetle

Volkswagen announced it was discontinuing the Beetle in favor of the new Microbus.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s most complex female stories were written by women

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10 stunning facts you never knew about the Barbie doll

The doll that billions bought graced a million-dollar Andy Warhol painting.
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