7 things you might not know about Rose Marie

When it comes to showbiz, nobody has a resume like the legendary Rose Marie.

17 underrated and underplayed Christmas songs of the 1970s

Dig a little deeper in Santa's sack for these glam, country and soul gems.

30 years ago, a fake Max Headroom hijacked the airwaves on Chicago TV

he person responsible for the pirate broadcast remains unknown.

9 facts about Boris Karloff that show he was more than a monster

Image: RKO Radio Pictures Without the Universal Monsters, where would horror films be these ...more

40 years ago, Bing teamed with Bowie for the most unlikely Christmas classic

The greatest holiday duet of the 1970s might not have happened without some quick rewrites.

8 beauty products that aren't as old as you might think

Many products that we can't imagine living without have only existed within the last century

5 fun facts about the scrunchie

Fashion and comfort rarely come hand-in-hand, so this is quite the event.

The greatest episode of 'Star Trek' was nearly far, far different

In some alternate timeline, "City on the Edge of Forever" has a flawed Kirk and a darker plot.

Let's rank the top 10 Bond Girl looks

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8 weird vintage products you'd be hard-pressed to find nowadays

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Where did your favorite retro cocktails get their names?

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Walter Cronkite knew his grammar was good, as a journalist should

The moral of the story: never ask a journalist to compromise his grammar.

7 facts you may not know about Walter Cronkite

Over the years, Cronkite has gone down in history as one of the greatest reporters of all time, ...more

Our favorite Walter Cronkite TV appearances - aside from the 'CBS Nightly News'

The pop culture symbol did more than just deliver the news

Check out these awesome classic TV costumes

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