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A new in-depth documentary about Mary Tyler Moore is coming next year

The theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show ends with the endearing line “You’re gonna make it after all.” Of course, by that point in her career, the real Mary Tyler Moore had already “made it” in Hollywood and was on her way to becoming a television icon.

A new documentary will trace her rise from bit parts and Hotpoint appliance commercials to her Oscar-nominated performance in Ordinary People and beyond. Being Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Documentary will get access to her whole life and estate, with her husband Dr. S. Robert Levine executive producing.

Moore got her big break as Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show. She won two Emmy Awards for her role in the acclaimed sitcom before truly becoming a household name in her own series the following decade.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show had an incredibly successful seven-season run and spawned three spinoffs. Besides being heartfelt and hilarious, the sitcom has become iconic for portraying a single, working woman in her thirties as the hero. Moore was also integral behind-the-scenes, producing the show through her company MTM Enterprises. The production company, famous for its cute kitten logo, also brought shows like WKRP in Cincinnati, Hill Street Blues and The Bob Newhart Show to life.

The new documentary will be directed by James Adolphus, who recently made the powerful documentary series Soul of a Nation. Hillman Grad Productions, founded by actor-writer-producer Lena Waithe, is producing Being Mary.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Waithe gave insight into the project. “With the help of her loving husband, Robert, and her friends and colleagues we hope to reveal that America’s sweetheart was more human than they ever imagined and was often put on a pedestal she never felt comfortable standing on,” Waithe said.

Moore’s husband also noted, “In her high school yearbook, Mary wrote: ‘The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms’… and Mary always sought to surround herself with the best. To have extraordinary and purposeful talents like Lena and James tell Mary’s story honors her in a way I know she would have treasured.”

Though no specific date has been announced, Being Mary is set for release sometime in 2022.

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