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Both of Dick Van Dyke’s sons appeared in the same episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show

On January 31, 1962, CBS aired a unique episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Called "The Talented Neighborhood," the story entailed Alan Brady holding a children’s talent search on his TV show. This naturally leaves Rob in a bind when anyone and everyone start telling him their child should be on the show.

In a hilarious scene in the writers' room, a parade of children files in, each showing off their talents. One boy in the scene tunes his violin and chastises “Aunt Sally” for playing him an A-flat instead of an A on the piano. This precocious youngster is played by Dick Van Dyke’s oldest son, Barry, who continues to act to this day.

Later in the scene, Buddy Sorrell brings in a few more children to audition. The last one, "Frankie," swaggers in snapping his fingers and wearing a fedora low over his eyes. This brief but memorable cameo is none other than Christian Van Dyke, Dick's second son.

Dick Van Dyke also has two daughters, Stacy and Carrie Beth. All four children have appeared with their father on television in some way. Most appeared on either The New Dick Van Dyke Show or Diagnosis: Murder.

When The Wizard of Oz was shown on TV in the early Sixties, Dick brought all four children along to help introduce it.

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