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California wildfire burns the historic set where Gunsmoke and M*A*S*H were filmed

Image: AP Photo / Marcia Jose Sanchez

Gunsmoke lasted longer than any TV Western. Though it was famously set in Dodge City, Kansas, it was filmed in different towns, many episodes in Utah, with others in Arizona and several in South Dakota. But some scenes were also shot at the famous Paramount Ranch, located just outside of Los Angeles. This set was recently destroyed by the devastating California wildfire, as reported by the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area in the tweet below:

The Associated Press captured some of the damage at the Paramount Ranch, as seen in the photograph at the top.

The Paramount Ranch is an Old West setting where more recently the HBO drama Westworld was being filmed, but in the past, hit series like Gunsmoke, M*A*S*H and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman all shot scenes there for episodes. According to CNN, the property stretches 2,700 acres and was purchased by Paramount in 1927 to be used as a "movie ranch." Then in 1953, a permanent Western town was built, with streets where Marshal Matt Dillon once strolled back in Gunsmoke's earliest days. 

According to CNN, the California wildfire has already impacted 70,000 acres and the damage in these restricted areas cannot yet be fully assessed.

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