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Do you remember The Flintstones episode where Dino had puppies?

Over the course of six seasons from 1960-1966, The Flintstones was never terribly concerned with continuity. The houses looked different from season to season, the cat prominently featured in the closing credits was rarely seen in the actual show and an early episode even portrayed Dino as a talking "Snorkasaurus."

Another interesting storyline that came and went in one episode was the time Dino became a father.

"Dino and Juliet" saw the Flintstones' lovable "dog" fall in love with the neighbor's pet dinosaur, who wears a bow on her head and a necklace of Wilma-like pearls.

The neighbor, Mr. Loudrock, hates Fred and the two spend most of the episode fighting — and not just figuratively, either. In true Hanna-Barbera slapstick fashion, Loudrock smacks Fred with a tennis racket, punches him so hard Fred flies straight through his house and out a window, and drops a stone wall on Fred's legs so he can tickle his feet.

Needless to say, Fred and Mr. Loudrock don't want their pets anywhere near each other. But just like the forbidden lovers of Shakespeare, Dino and Juliet will not be kept apart. Dino even puts on a tie to impress her.

The episode ends with Juliet giving birth to a litter of 15 "puppies" which Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm take to immediately. Fred and Mr. Loudrock put aside their differences and decide to give away the puppies to anyone in Bedrock who wants a new pet.

Of all the one-off plotlines on The Flintstones, this has to be the cutest. But what happened to his kids?

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