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Find out if you agree with your state's favorite animated Disney movie

Ever wonder if you share a favorite movie with all your neighbors? The folks over at decided to find out for you - if you're a Disney fan, that is. They created a map that shows the favorite animated Disney movie in each state, which you can view here. We broke it down by state below:

Alabama - The Lion King
Alaska - Bambi
Arizona - The Little Mermaid
Arkansas - Pocahontas
California - Aladdin
Colorado - The Lion King
Connecticut - The Lion King
Delaware - The Lady and the Tramp
Florida - The Little Mermaid
Georgia - The Lion King
Hawaii - Mulan
Idaho - Sleeping Beauty
Illinois - The Lion King
Indiana - The Lion King
Iowa - The Lion King
Kansas - The Lion King
Kentucky - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Louisiana - The Lion King
Maine - Robin Hood
Maryland - The Lady and the Tramp
Massachusetts - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Michigan - The Lion King
Minnesota - The Aristocats
Mississippi - Fantasia
Missouri - The Aristocats
Montana - Bambi
Nebraska - The Fox and the Hound
Nevada - The Little Mermaid
New Hampshire - Robin Hood
New Jersey - The Fox and the Hound
New Mexico - Alice in Wonderland
New York - Dumbo
North Carolina - The Lion King
North Dakota - The Fox and the Hound
Ohio - The Lion King
Oklahoma - Bambi
Oregon - Robin Hood
Pennsylvania - The Lion King
Rhode Island - The Lion King
South Carolina - The Lion King
South Dakota - The Fox and the Hound
Tennessee - The Aristocats
Texas - The Little Mermaid
Utah - Unspecified, 14-way tie
Vermont - 101 Dalmatians
Virginia - The Lady and the Tramp
Washington - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
West Virginia - Snow White
Wisconsin - The Lion King
Wyoming - Hercules

Did they get yours right? If you're from Utah, especially, we want to know what you think is the most popular Disney movie in your neck of the woods!

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