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Get an inside look at Ann-Margret recording her lines and songs for The Flintstones

Most modern stone age parodies on The Flintstones like Alvin Brickrock or Ed Sullystone weren’t voiced by their real-life counterparts. Talented voice actors like Daws Butler provided impersonations that made the prehistoric versions even funnier.

But some household names require the real deal, even for an animated caricature. Sixties star Ann-Margret was one celebrity who voiced her own Flintstones character, naturally named Ann-Margrock.

The actor and singer showed up to the recording studio in 1963 looking glamorous as ever – there was a TV Guide photographer along for the ride, after all.

These photos are a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of an animated program. They show the cast going over the script, talking with producers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and recording at the microphone. Ann-Margret even sang two songs for the episode, the lullaby “The Littlest Lamb” and her upbeat tune “I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool No More.” 

Are you an Ann-Margret fan? Take a look at these unique Flintstones images! All photos courtesy of the Everett Collection.

Ann-Margret and Fred Flintstone actor Alan Reed go over the script in front of cardboard cutouts of their characters.
That's Mayberry actor Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass) sitting on the far right and producer Joseph Barbera up on the stool.
Ann-Margret records her lines with Reed and Wilma actor Jean Vander Pyl.
Ann-Margret rehearses one of her songs with producers Joseph Barbera (left) and William Hanna (right).
Ann-Margrock does bear a striking resemblance to her real-life counterpart!

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