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I Love Lucy and I Married Joan had a whole lot in common

Remember television’s wacky housewife?

The one who always got into trouble? 

The one named… Joan?

Lucille Ball wasn’t the only one delivering side-splitting laughs in the 50s. Veteran vaudevillian Joan Davis packed a punch with her own unique brand of physical comedy too. In fact, I Married Joan premiered exactly one year after I Love Lucy, and both series followed outgoing women whose goals often conflicted with their no-nonsense fellas. But the similarities don’t end there. Sometimes their individual episodes echoed each other.

Ballet Bunglers

Lucy and Joan both put their best feet forward. Davis had an especially embarrassing time surrounded by kid dancers.

Blind Bats

After discovering their vision was bad, both had mishaps thanks to dilated eyes.

Draft Downers

Both wives mistakenly believed their husbands were off to war.

Messy Matchmakers

Joan and Lucy tried to set-up couples, only to end up with the admirer themselves. It even happened twice for Lucy.

Camp Crashers

Both ladies followed their men into the great outdoors, only to find out it wasn’t so great.

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