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Jaclyn Smith opens up about Farrah Fawcett on the 10th anniversary of her death

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Ten years ago to this day, television lost one of its Angels. On June 25, 2009, Farrah Fawcett died from cancer at the age of 62. It was a shocking loss of one of the true icons of the Seventies. 

Looking back, her quick rise to superstardom seems all the more meteoric. One legendary photograph with a red swimsuit and a blanket, coupled with a single season of Charlie's Angels, was enough to transform her into legend. Of course, her career continued onward from that poster and those 29 episodes playing Jill Munroe. Fawcett earned dramatic accolades on the Off-Broadway stage and for her work in TV movies such as The Burning Bed. In all, she garnered four Emmy and six Golden Globe nominations.

Now, on the anniversary of her passing, former Charlie's Angels costar Jaclyn Smith is remembering her friend and colleague in a new interview with People magazine.

"It was like a college dorm, eating in our trailers together. Sometimes we’d shop on weekends for what we were going to wear. We were not just actresses working, but girlfriends and it remained that way for 40 years," Smith told People.

"When Farrah decided to leave after one season, we all supported her," the 73-year-old actor said.

Smith recalled the day that Farrah told her about her cancer diagnosis. Fawcett cried to her old friend, but Smith explained that she never once saw her cry again. 

"I miss her every day," Smith said. "A lot of people are gone now and that’s hard. I miss them and it’s okay to miss them."

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