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Take this dazzling tour of rarely seen official art that captures the essence of classic TV shows

Images: The Everett Collection

Most TV and movie fans are familiar with concept art, which depicts the vision a creator has for a project, but you may not be as familiar with the concept of key art. That's the image that emerges once a show's concept has been firmed up, and a lot of work goes into it, so that in just one image, anyone can see exactly what your TV show will be all about. 

The key art is primarily used internally to direct all the marketing of new shows, so before you turned on The Brady Bunch or Bonanza, these were the images passed between artists on set to make sure the vibe of each show was always in sync with its creator's vision.

For that reason, these pieces are also rarely seen by the public, which is why key art from classic TV resonates on a whole other level with fans. These true masterpieces capture the essence of classic shows, whether it's Wagon Train or Taxi, expect each piece to be a total trip.

That makes classic TV's key art both a total treasure and an extra wonder, which you'll see for yourself as you tour these dazzling selections below:

The Everett CollectionThe Brady Bunch

The Everett CollectionCaptain Kangaroo

The Everett CollectionThe Dick Van Dyke Show

The Everett CollectionBonanza

The Everett CollectionBonanza

The Everett CollectionTaxi

The Everett CollectionThe Lucy Show

The Everett CollectionBuck Rogers in the 25th Century

The Everett CollectionBattlestar Galactica

The Everett CollectionMork & Mindy

The Everett CollectionThe Banana Splits

The Everett CollectionFantasy Island

The Everett CollectionPolice Woman

The Everett CollectionWagon Train

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