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The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show is coming to Decades beginning September 4!

“Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!” That simple introduction changed America and TV forever, as 73 million people gathered in front of their televisions to see the Beatles’ first live performance on U.S. soil. The Fab Four had launched “The British Invasion.” It was just one of many history-making performances to grace Ed Sullivan’s stage.

Starting Monday, September 4, Decades viewers will be able to experience those electrifying moments again with The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show, airing weekdays at noon, 5PM and 11PM ET/PT.

The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show proudly presents select performances and Ed Sullivan bits, taken from the most memorable milestones of The Ed Sullivan Show. Presenting two 30-minute episodes each weekday in three time periods, our Ed Sullivan showcase features a “who’s who” of pop-culture icons, entertainers and performers, including the Rolling Stones, the Jackson 5, Judy Garland, Carol Burnett, Harry Belafonte, Joan Rivers, the Carpenters, Tony Bennett, Lena Horne, George Carlin, Ella Fitzgerald, the Temptations, the Doors, Richard Pryor, Elvis Presley, Liza Minnelli, George Burns, the Beatles, and many, many more.

You will also see early performences by the Muppets, and other beloved puppets like Topo Gigio and the talking hand of Señor Wences.

As comedian Alan King once noted, Ed Sullivan couldn’t sing, or dance, or effectively deliver a joke, but he was perhaps the greatest TV host of all time. The Ed Sullivan Show was the very definition of appointment television. It was the quintessential variety show and the longest-running in TV history.

The show aired from 1948 – 1971, an impressive 23 years throughout an era of great cultural shifts. Each week, a massive television audience tuned in to see a wide variety of guests from the seemingly disparate worlds of rock’n roll, pop, R&B, opera, politics, comedy, novelty, and even sports. Ed became a star by being the ultimate star maker.

We are excited to bring this classic television to you. Keep track of the upcoming schedule of guests and performances at our The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show show page and subscribe to our weekly newsletter by entering your email on the upper right of this page.

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