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'The Brady Bunch' kids almost died while filming this scene

In a decade of great change on television, The Brady Bunch was a rare wholesome spot on the primetime schedule. Every week, the Bradys would resolve their differences in the span of a half hour.

Behind the scenes, though, it wasn't always rainbows and sunshine. During the show's fifth and final season, the cast was confronted with a scary scenario that could have turned lethal. 

The episode "The Cincinnati Kids" follows the Bradys as they head to King's Island amusement park in Ohio as Mike presents plans for an addition. However, Jan accidentally walks off with her step father's plans by mistaking them for her Yogi Bear poster.

In one scene, the family rides a wooden roller coaster. It's an inconspicuous part of the episode, but it could have had serious consequences for the actors.

Before the cast got on the roller coaster, Robert Reed noticed the camera on the front of the car looked unsteady. In another account, series creator Sherwood Schwartz said he thought the camera was too tall and would hit an overhang. Whatever the case, a test run was ordered without anyone on board just to be safe.

Sure enough, the camera flew off during the first run. When the car came back to the station, the camera was missing. Had anyone been on board, it surely would have fallen back and seriously injured them, perhaps lethally.

Two cast members that would have been spared were Reed and Susan Olsen, who played Cindy. Olsen refused to ride the roller coaster, so Barry Williams (Greg) held his hands in the air to cover the stand-in's face.

Who knew such a wholesome show could pose so much danger? You can watch the seemingly innocent scene below.


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