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The life and tragedy of Robert F. Kennedy takes center stage this June on Decades Presents: 1968

Decades recalls the heroism and tragedy of Robert F. Kennedy in the sixth installment of Decades Presents: 1968, our year-long look at the pivotal year in history. Premiering nationwide on Monday, June 4 at 9p ET | 6p PT, this 60-minute look at the poignant political career and far-reaching impact of the man we know as RFK chronicles his journey out of his brother’s shadow to the apex of national political leadership, including his long-shot run for the presidency and the shock and outpouring of grief that followed his assassination.

Decades Presents: 1968 Robert F. Kennedy," is an examination of the political legacy of Robert F. Kennedy. The special recalls his brief and unexpected political partnership with Sen. Joseph McCarthy and his critical leadership that led his brother, John F. Kennedy, to the Presidency. The historical documentary remembers the brothers’ time together in office — from RFK’s campaign against organized crime as the U.S. Attorney General and his fight for racial and social equality in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement.

We follow RFK’s reckoning with his brother’s death, which lead to a term in the U.S. Senate and finally an inspirational bid to win the 1968 Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

The Decades special features original interviews with Robert F. Kennedy's daughters Kerry Kennedy and Kathleen Kennedy, who both share personal stories about their father as the man they knew and as the public figure America admired.

"He had this idyllic vision of America, and what we could be as a country," Kerry Kennedy says of her father’s legacy, "If people walk away with one lesson learned [from his life] it was: 'One person can make a difference, and we all have an obligation to try.'"

Hosted by journalist Ellee Pai Hong, “Decades Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy" also features additional original interviews, including Juan Romero, the busboy who worked at the Ambassador hotel the night of June 4th and held the late Senator’s head in the moments after he was shot.

Other interviews include TV host and author Chris Mathews; author Larry Tye; author Michael Cohen; and journalist and RFK speechwriter Jeff Greenfield.

“DECADES Presents 1968: Robert F. Kennedy" premieres Monday, June 4 at 9p ET | 6p PT on Decades. Stay tuned afterward for special episodes of The Dick Cavett Show relating to the special. Watch replays of the special on Friday, June 22 at 10p ET | 7p PT, and Wednesday, June 27 at 12a ET | 9p PT.

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