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The upcoming Fantasy Island reboot is missing one major character

Image: The Everett Collection

Who will shout, "Ze plane! Ze plane," Hollywood? Who? Right now, the answer looks to be "Nobody," as the upcoming Fantasy Island reboot will reportedly not included Tattoo.

Blumhouse Productions, the hot studio behind horror blockbusters like Paranormal Activity, The Purge and Get Out, will revive Aaron Spelling's hit 1977–84 series Fantasy Island. Jeff Wadlow, who directed Truth or Dare for the studio, is helming the film. Despite the tropical setting and white suits, this Fantasy Island will presumably carry a darker tone.

The movie has cast its guests, including Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy), Portia Doubleday (Mr. Robot), Maggie Q (Designated Survivor) and Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars). Michael Peña — no stranger to Seventies reboots, having played Ponch in the best-forgotten CHiPs — will slip into the role of Mr. Rourke.

Of course, Ricardo Montalbán's Mr. Rourke was only half of the equation on the original show. Hervé Villechaize portrayed his loyal assistant Tattoo, becoming a fan-favorite, thanks mostly to his "Ze plane!" catchphrase. So what of Tattoo?

Hansen was recently on hand at a Hulu lunch for the Television Critics Association, promoting Veronica Mars, when he spilled some beans regarding his upcoming trip to Fantasy Island, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2020.

"In my fantasy, I wanted a big pimping MTV Cribs style house, money, ladies, parties, all that kind of stuff," Hansen told Slashfilm. "That fantasy comes true on Fantasy Island."

He also revealed that there will be no Tattoo in this iteration.

"No, not in this one, but I think if they have more they will do that or something," the actor said. "I don’t really know yet."

So at least there's hope for the sequels? Yes, they're already thinking sequels.

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