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These behind-the-scenes photos prove cardigans were the epitome of cool in the Sixties

The cardigan may be seen as more comfortable than cool, but we beg to differ. While it’s certainly a cozy piece of clothing, it can also be as cool as any leather jacket, wide Seventies collar or blue suede shoe. 

Don’t believe us? We’ve got the pictures to prove it! In the 1960s, cardigans were all the rage. They were worn by tots, teens, twenty-somethings, moms, dads and grandparents alike.

Take a look at these Sixties stars sporting nifty knitwear and suave sweaters. Did you ever have a cool and comfortable cardigan? All images courtesy of the Everett Collection.

Here's Bob Denver modeling a striped cardigan.
Roger Moore looked as cool as ever in this cardigan while shooting the series 'The Alaskans' before he joined 'Maverick' and eventually became James Bond.
Heeeere's Johnny! Sporting a blue cardigan with his wife, Joanne.
Who said beige is boring? It's good enough for Gene Kelly and Julie Andrews, on the set of her 1965 TV special.
Jackie Gleason swapped out Ralph Kramden's bus driver jacket for this classy green cardigan.
Jim Nabors never played characters considered particularly cool, but he looks stylish in this cardigan with a little Elvis hair curl.
This yellow sweater looks chic and comfortable on Patty Duke.
Singer Vikki Carr wore layers of knit fashion for this photo.
Here's Sidney Poitier lounging in a blue cardigan.
Ok so this picture isn't from the '60s, but we had to include Harry Morgan!
Karen Steele appeared in Bonanza, Perry Mason and many more shows. She also proved just how fashionable a cardigan could be,
Cardigans are for kids, too! Like Marc Copage with his TV mom Diahann Carroll.
Here's 'Big Valley' star Richard Long posing for TV Guide in a classic turtleneck and cardigan combo.
The '60s were a great time for cardigans and corduroy. Just ask crooner Johnny Mathis.
Lastly, here is quite possibly the coolest picture ever taken of someone wearing a cardigan. It's 'Surfside 6' star Troy Donahue.

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