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This apartment in the Netherlands is like a trip back in time

Image: Laura Hofenk/Apartment Therapy

Sure, we all love 1970s TV, but are you willing you watch your shows on a TV from the 1970s? How about live in an apartment completely decorated as a tribute to the groovy ’70s? Laura Hofenk would.

In a feature with Apartment Therapy, she offered up a tour of her authentic, vintage apartment. She said she started collecting retro housewares from the 1960s and 1970s and decided to just go all in when it came to decorating — and living in — her apartment with her cats Jisse and Jaro.

“When you walk inside my home, you’re going back in time 50 years. I’m listening to vinyl nonstop, I watch TV in black and white, and take telephone calls from my orange ’70s phone,” she told Apartment Therapy. “You will find little modern stuff in my home. So it’s not just a bit vintage, it’s ALL vintage! I collected all this in just six months.”

That’s right. Those door beads aren’t from Urban Outfitters and that couch isn’t from Joybird… her apartment decor isn’t vintage-inspired, it’s actually over half a century old. Those macrame plant holders and that psychedelic wallpaper are giving us major throwback vibes.

Do you get flashbacks to your childhood when you look at Hofenk’s apartment? How much of this stuff was in your home? Take a look at the full tour here.

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