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Tom Hanks and Bosom Buddies are coming to Decades in May!

Image: The Everett Collection

Tom Hanks is an American treasure — and he is joining the Decades lineup! The unknown actor landed his first big break in 1980 with a starring role in the sitcom Bosom Buddies. He and costar Peter Scolari played two young advertising men in the big city looking for dirt-cheap rent in the Susan B. Anthony Hotel. There is just one catch — the residences are for women only.

Thus ensued one of the first drag comedies on television. The series came from creators Thomas L. Miller, Robert L. Boyett and Chris Thompson, all veterans of Laverne & Shirley. They envisioned Bosom Buddies as the male counterpart to those beloved Milwaukee brewery workers.

Donna Dixon and Wendie Jo Sperber played friends of Kip (Hank) and Henry (Scolari). In the second and final season, Kip and Henry's secret life as "Buffy and Hildegard" is revealed, changing the dynamics of the show.

Now, Bosom Buddies is joining the Television Across the Decades lineup on Decades, weekdays at 4:30p PT | 1:30p PT, following Newhart in our 1980s block. It all starts on Monday, May 18.

Enjoy this early comedic work of Tom Hanks — not to mention his impressive hair.

Watch Bosom Buddies on Decades

Weeknights at 4:30 P ET | 1:30 P PT

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