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Watch Mike Brady recite some Longfellow Poetry

In 1882, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow died of peritonitis. The aged writer had been working on translating the poetry of Michelangelo. Chances are, he never envisioned his work being read on a television show about a large family of step-siblings. Likewise, the cast of The Brady Bunch likely never figured they'd get to recite 19th-century American poetry as part of their gig. Yet in the Season Four episode "The Show Must Go On??" Greg and Mike are participating in a talent show at the high school. Mike reads, while Greg plucks a guitar. Both are dresses in tuxedos. It's a classy moment. Until the rubber chicken and feathers fall from the rafters. Betcha Longfellow never had stage props in mind when he penned "The Day Is Done."

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