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We bet you have this hot commodity in your kitchen cupboard

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Raise your hand if you have some Pyrex kitchenware that you’ve had as long as you can remember hidden in the back of your cupboard. While you might not have thought twice about what you bake your casseroles in, there is a whole subculture of vintage Pyrex collectors out there who scour the internet, estate sales and thrift stores for their favorite kitschy patterned dishes.

There are a couple of reasons people collect these dishes, many of which are millennials who like the vintage aesthetic. Pyrex has made bowls since 1915, but they really boomed in popularity midcentury. Since MCM doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon, it’s no surprise people are scooping these up to match their kitchens. In fact, when Pyrex was introduced to the market, nobody believed the glass bowls could be put in the oven without shattering or melting. Pyrex was truly a pioneer.

These dishes hold a sense of nostalgia for many as well, as their mothers or grandmas probably served up mashed potatoes in an avocado green Pyrex serving dish back in the ’70s, or mixed the batter for a cake in a turquoise mixing bowl. 

While the recent craze has driven prices for vintage Pyrex up, many of these dishes are still cheaper than buying brand new kitchenware - and they’re cuter! It’s no secret either that the quality is higher on many older things. After all, they’ve lasted 60 years!

While most Pyrex collectors are stocking up for their own personal stash, some know a good deal when they see it and know what they can sell it for. While not all retro dishes can be sold for a pretty penny due to it not being very rare, some Pyrex, like the Lucky in Love collection, is selling for thousands of dollars!

What determines the value of Pyrex dishwater - aside from the condition, of course - is how long it was produced. Sets are either standard or promotional, meaning they were only on the market for a limited time. Standard dishes, like that green one with daisies on it that you’ve definitely seen before are adorable, but it won’t be as coveted as a geometric pattern from the ‘50s, or a Christmas edition that was only available for a single season.

Ready to unload some of that Pyrex? Consider joining a Facebook group for collectors!

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