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10 things you should know about 'I Married Joan'

When it comes to classic 1950s television, I Married Joan tends to fade into the background. We don't understand why, though! In some cases, people think of the show as a rip-off of I Love Lucy, due to it being another show about a quirky housewife who gets herself into wacky situations. However, many of the episodes were directed by Marc Daniels, who directed I Love Lucy's pilot and a number of other episodes. This isn't the only fun fact about I Married Joan, though.

Read on for all you ever needed to know about the show, and tune in every weekday at 10:30am ET.


'I Married Joan' was produced by Joan Davis Enterprises, headed by Davis herself.

She earned $7,500 per week which is almost $70,000 by today’s standard. No wonder the show claimed she was “America’s queen of comedy.”


'I Married Joan' and 'I Love Lucy' had a lot in common.

They shared director Marc Daniels, the same studio at General Service Studios, and even the same premiere date of October 15. One thing they didn’t share – the Emmy that Ball won in 1952.


Davis was envious of Lucy’s success.

When Ball’s The Long, Long Trailer got press, Davis had a big, big trailer installed as her dressing room.


Davis' daughter was in the show.

Davis’ daughter, Beverly Wills, played her sister, Beverly Grossman, on the series.


Davis took the jokes seriously.

According to The Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz, Joan Davis kept a writer present at run-throughs in case she wanted a better joke.


'I Married Joan' aired on Wednesday nights opposite 'Disneyland.'

After it was canceled, Joan Davis quipped, “Imagine that. Killed by a mouse”.


Jim Backus wrote his dialogue on the set when practicing.

When sets were re-used, they found Backus’ handwritten lines.


The series used a laugh track because it didn’t film live.

It also filmed with three cameras because of Davis’ physical comedy.


Davis was known for playing practical jokes.

She would trick directors into demonstrating physical gags for her.


It wasn't all monkeying around.

While filming an episode called “Monkeyshines”, a monkey bite Joan Davis, and it died the next day. That is, after it’s tooth was pulled.

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