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12 frozen treats from the ice cream trucks of your youth

Image: Randy Laybourne via Unsplash

The chime of the ice cream truck triggers something in all of us. For children, that circus music blasting from the top of a white van triggers a Pavlovian response. Kids jump up and down and ask for small bills to buy a popsicle. When adults hear an ice cream truck, the most likely response is deep pangs of nostalgia.

But you're never too old to indulge in some frozen treats.

That being said, there are some ice cream bars that have gone bye-bye over the years. Others are just hard to find these days. Here are some of our favorites from decades past.


Bubble Play Bar

The bubblegum baseball in the middle of the cherry mitt was a tricky one to maneuver around. If you ate the fingers and thumbs surrounding the ball, the remains tended to fall off the stick. That's an error. But if you chomped the ball as you simply worked your way from top to bottom, you ended up chewing gum and eating ice cream at the same time. Which, we suppose, isn't the worst thing.

Image: eBay


WWF Superstars

Even Jimmy "Mouth-of-the-South" Hart preferred a Hulkster bar in 1987.

Image: Gold Bond Ice Cream via Reddit



Everyone loves the Peanuts pooch. Which made eating his face somewhat tragic.

Image: eBay / les_trois_j


Fat Frog

Again, gumballs mixed with ice cream gave you two treats in one. In this case, you had to address the gumballs immediately, unlike, say, the Dinosaur Bar, which had the gumball smack in the middle of the body.

Image: Jason Liebig via Flickr / Courtesy of


Froze Toes

Who wants to eat a foot? Especially one that appears to have a toenail infection. Well, kids, that's who. These treats gained popularity in recent years thanks to the Netflix series Haters Back Off, in which the main character, Miranda Sings, eats one every day. Still, good luck finding one. You'll have to make your own.

Image: Good Humor via Pinterest


Vampire's Secret

We hate to break it to you, vampires, but your bloodthirst is hardly a "secret." It's, like, the one thing everyone knows about you. Unless the secret is that you're faking it and just sucking down "Cherry Sauce."

Image: Good Humor via Dinosaur Dracula


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Continuing on the horror theme, these wicked little totems haunted trucks in the early '80s.

Image: Good Humor via Worthpoint


Banana Choc

Frozen bananas and frozen candy bars are both yummy. Put them together and…

Image: Good Humor via Worthpoint


Cherry Parfait

See, not everything needs a kooky concept or commercial tie-in. Just a simple sundae in a cup will do.

Image: Good Humor via Worthpoint


Pecan Roll

Now we're going back to the golden oldies. Anyone remember how big these things were?

Image: Etsy


Col. Crunch

Sure, you're more familiar with the cereal mascot, but we'd like to point out a colonel outranks a captain. So what happened to Col. Crunch? Was this Cap'n Crunch after a promotion? Did he retire after having that arrow shot through his hat? Was it a legal thing? We have questions. But at least this Strawberry Shortcake bars still exist. Just without the mascot.

Image: Popsicle / eBay


Flintstones Push-Ups

Did you prefer Yabbo Dabbo Doo Orange, Lime Rock Lime or Bedrock Berry?

Image: Reddit

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