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5 shows that debuted in the fall during the '60s

There's something about the feeling of crisp air during autumn that makes you want to stay inside. You can see colorful leaves falling from once-green trees as you look out your window. While inside for the day or night, you can do many things. However, in the '60s, there were so many shows to indulge in. {seealso}

Many iconic series made their first appearances on televisions worldwide in September and October in the 1960s. From hilarious sitcoms that centered around different types of families to one about a sheriff and his shenanigans.

A lot of people could argue that the '60s produced the best sitcoms. So, here are five legendary shows that debuted in the fall of the decade.


"My Three Sons" - September 29, 1960

One of the family sitcoms that dominated the '60s was My Three Sons. It followed the journey of a widower as he raised his three children, and adjusted to his new life. The series lasted until 1972, giving fans 12 seasons of family-oriented content.


"The Andy Griffith Show" - October 3, 1960

The Andy Griffith Show made everyone want to pack up their things and move to Mayberry. The show was a situational comedy that provided viewers with an endless amount of laughs. It was shown in black & white and in color episodes during its later seasons. Surprisingly, it only has eight seasons.


"The Beverly Hillbillies" - September 26, 1962

There's something about hillbillies moving to Beverly Hills that sounds like music to our ears. The Beverly Hillbillies was a one-of-a-kind show. Produced by Paul Henning, the Clampetts were determined to stay true to themselves, even though their new wealth brought them to an environment that wasn't welcoming.


"Petticoat Junction" - September 24, 1963

Down at the Shady Rest Hotel, you never know what will happen. Petticoat Junction is another Paul Henning classic that debuted in the fall during the 1960s. It followed the life of Kate Bradley as she tried to run her hotel, continue to raise her three daughters, and deal with a scheming uncle.


"Green Acres" - September 15, 1965

Paul Henning was on a roll with classic television series during the '60s. Green Acres follows the journey of a couple who decided to move from the city that never sleeps, New York City, to be surrounded by greenery on a farm in Hooterville. The plot alone was interesting enough for fans to watch the show for several seasons.

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