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6 Easter eggs Newhart fans should have caught

It was the series finale heard ‘round the world – well, for sure around the Stratford Inn. In a shock twist, akin to The Wizard of Oz, Newhart’s last episode revealed that the entire series was a dream within The Bob Newhart Show. But this wink to Bob’s previous work wasn’t the first. There were a number of clever little nods to Newhart's predecessor — not to mention Newhart and The Bob Newhart Show had more than 20 actors who played roles on both series.


“No Tigers at the Circus”

November 29, 1982

Dick watches his favorite TV show, and the theme just so happens to be The Bob Newhart Show’s. No wonder he likes it.


"Send Her Ella"

March 26, 1984

George (Tom Poston) helps with Vermont’s annual Maple Syrup Festival. This wasn’t the first time Poston showed syrup love. Poston previously guest starred in The Bob Newhart Show in “The Longest Goodbye”, where he told Bob, “In Vermont, we put syrup on everything.”


"Harris Ankles PIV for Web Spot"

March 16, 1987

Dick and Michael reminisce about the good ol’ days of television, including “that show with the shrink who stuttered.” “Stammered,” corrects Dick.


“I Married Dick”

November 21, 1988

Dick and Joanna attend a couples’ counseling session and bump into a grumpy Elliot Carlin, who portrayed one of Bob’s oddball patients. Later, the therapist blames “some quack in Chicago” for Carlin’s condition.


“Good Neighbor Sam”

January 29, 1990

Dick’s new guest at the Inn is none other than Bill Daily, who previously played Bob’s awkward, endearing neighbor. They don’t hit it off quite as well this time around.


“The Last Newhart”

May 21, 1990

Dick (aka Bob) wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette and says, “You won’t believe the dream I just had.” And just like that, Newhart and The Bob Newhart Show became one.

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