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6 Newhart episodes that are basically fairy tales

Once upon a time, at the Stratford Inn…

Newhart had several episodes where it put its own twist on well-known tales. Just like fairy tale characters, our heroes always learned something; though perhaps not always the right something…


“Lady & The Tramps”

To escape a storm, Stephanie takes refuge in a cabin where she discovers three chairs, three bowls, and three beds. She also discovers three bears – err, brothers – named Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

What Stephanie learned: “I saw how they learned to be happy without material possessions, and that’s when I realized what an incredible tragedy that was.”


“Send Her Ella”

Stephanie wants to go to the Maple Syrup Festival but is forced to work at the inn. That is, until an elderly woman offers her assistance.

What Stephanie learned: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”


“The Boy Who Cried Goat”

Kirk, the eternal Pinocchio, finds himself in a jam when he’s robbed and the insurance investigator doesn’t believe him.

What Kirk learned: “You’re saying the $2000 I lost is paying for the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of senseless and stupid lies I’ve told in the course of my life? It’s not fair.”


“Beauty and the Pest”

Joanna meets an uber-fan of her TV real estate show and visits his shrine dedicated to her. A true beauty, she looks past his weaselly exterior to his lonely interior.

What Joanna learned: “Sometimes when a young man meets someone who’s kind of well known and glamorous, it’s easy to be dazzled.”


“My Three Dads”

Wanting to be fathers, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl adopt an almost-18 year old. But while the wolf was dying to stop by for dinner with the three pigs, their adopted son is desperate to escape.

What Larry learned: “There’s only three ways to get a baby – by a woman, by adopting, and by a star in the East.”


“Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have”

Kirk finally gets a date with Leslie, only to have his grandma unexpectedly tag along. Unfortunately, her blunt – dare we say, ravenous – personality abruptly gobbles up the inviting atmosphere.

What Kirk learned: “Time is too precious not to live every minute to the fullest.”

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