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6 popular slang terms used by teens in the '60s

Being a teen in the Sixties was a fun and memorable time. Going to the movies was much cheaper, and social media wasn't around to prevent them from communicating with each other in person.

Not only did they get a chance to witness debuts of shows like Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, My Three SonsĀ and more, they also were the creators of slang terms still used today.

Did you use any of these popular terms?


"Hang loose"

There are many ways to use this phrase, but the most common is when telling someone to calm down or stay put.

Sentence: Just hang loose. Everything will work out.


"Far out"

When something is so cool that you can't believe it, it's far out! The term relates to the phrase 'out of this world' or mind-blowing. 

Sentence: Woah, far out dude.



When you're sad or disappointed, it's a bummer. The term is used to describe those somber emotions.

Sentence: It didn't work out? Such a bummer.


"Give me some skin"

When you want a handshake, what's the best way to ask? Say, give me some skin! It refers to individuals' skin touching when giving a handshake.

Sentence: How have you been, man? Slide me some skin!


"Lay it on me"

When someone needs to vent or rant, instead of using 'tell me about it,' say, 'lay it on me.' The term gets an individual to say what's on their mind.

Sentence: What's wrong? Lay it on me.


"I got to split"

When it's time to go, it's time to split! This slang term means that you're leaving. Of course, you can just say you're leaving, but this is much cooler.

Sentence: I got to split, but I'll talk to you later.


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Try to inject some of this boss vocabulary into your everyday conversations.


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