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7 brand name changes we never got over

Dunkin' Donuts will now officially be known as "Dunkin'." This rebranding comes hot on the heels of Weight Watchers changing its name to "WW."

The marketing decisions are meant to get us thinking about the companies in a new light. But really, they mostly dredge up memories of when other beloved brands dropped the "Fried," "Sugar" and "Pancakes" from their monikers. 

Honestly, if you grew up with the original name, you likely still use the original name. We'll always call it "Quik" and that's not changing. 

Let's take a look at some memorable brand-name changes. Do you still use the original name?


Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Colonel has always touted his chicken as being "finger lickin' good," but in 1991 the fast-food giant pivoted away from using the word "Fried." Henceforth, it would be known as KFC. 



The Japanese automaker made a splash in the States in 1968 with its 240Z. Millions of suburban kids lusted after the sporty coupe. In 1986, the brand was dropped in favor of its parent company, Nissan.


Nestle's Quik

Quik holds a special place in our hearts. Not just because of all the chocolate we drank as kids. Producers picked Adam West to play Batman because of his work in a Nestle's Quik commercial. In 2003, the global brand officially became Nesquik, as it had been called in Europe. This forced the Quik Rabbit to change the "Q" around his neck to an "N."



Hulk Hogan. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Junkyard Dog. The three letters "WWF" bring to mind muscular supermen of the 1980s. The pro wrestlers had their own cartoons, toys and ice cream bars. In 1999, that changed forever when the entertainment company rebranded as WWE.


Sugar Smacks

Of course, they tasted better with Spock on the box. The fear of overly sugary cereals forced Kellogg's to change the name to Honey Smacks in the 1980s. A decade later, this was shortened again to just plain Smacks.


International House of Pancakes

In 1973, the lengthy International House of Pancakes was understandably boiled down to the catchy, poppy "IHOP." But "International House of Pancakes" sounded so sophisticated. You felt like James Bond eating a stack of silver dollars.


Willy Wonka

The most recent change on this list still stings. In 2017, the Wonka candy brand which gave us delights such as Nerds, Runts and Skrunch officially became known as "Nestle Candy Shop." This prompted fans to start a petition to change the name back — and caused outrage in general

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