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8 fast food chicken sandwiches you will never eat again!

The internet is divided. There is a heated debate, with harsh words being lobbied by both sides. Of course, we are talking about chicken sandwiches. #ChickenSandwichTwitter has dominated the social media platform over the last couple of days, spurred by the launch of the Popeyes chicken sandwich. It was a golden-fried gauntlet thrown down at the feet of Chick-Fil-A.

Fans of both franchises settled into their trenches and thus began the great poultry sandwich war. Then, Wendy's got into the melee. It has only grown from there.

We are not here to settle the Chicken Sandwich Skirmish of 2019. We'd rather memorialize those chicken sandwiches we have lost over the years. Here are some of our favorites that come to mind. Of course, every chain still offers some kind of chicken sandwich, but we're talking specifics here.

Which chicken sandwich do you miss? 


Arby's Select Chicken Menu

The roast beef chain is all about "The Meats" these days, but two decades back, it was positioning itself as a hen house. "Love Chicken? Think Arby's," the commercials declared, as Barry White moaned, "Cluck, cluck, baby." Arby's advocates also mourn the loss of the Market Fresh Roast Chicken Caesar.

Image: Arby's


Arthur Treacher's Chicken Sandwich

Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips peaked in the late-'70s, early-'80s, spreading its British grease across the nation with 800+ franchises. Of course, it was best known for its fish, but the chain dabbled in poultry, just as Long John Silver's offered its "Peg Legs" (chicken drumsticks, not pirate appendages).


Burger King's International Chicken Sandwiches

BK launched three varieties of its Specialty Sandwich in 1988 with its International Chicken Sandwiches line. Continental types could send their taste buds across the Atlantic with an Italian or French chicken sandwich. If you still hanker for one, you'll have to get really international, as the French one (a spin on the Cordon Bleu) is available in Malaysia. One question: Why didn't the American one on the left have an American flag?

Image: Burger King


Burger King's BK Baguette

Circa 2004, BK once again tempted Francophiles with Grilled Chicken sandwich wrapped in a "baguette." We put that in quotes so as not to offend any French citizens who might be reading.

Image: Burger King


Chick-Fil-A Chicken Salad Sandwich

Bummer: Chick-Fil-A axed its chicken salad sandwich a few years ago. Bonus: The chain graciously gave its numerous fans the recipe for its chicken salad to make at home. But it is really the same without someone in a headset handing it to you?

Image: Chick-Fil-A


Checkers HoneyGrilled Chicken

One question: Why didn't they grill a checkered pattern into the chicken patty? That would have really knocked the branding out of the park. Perhaps it would still be around.

Image: Checkers


Jack in the Box Chicken Supreme

They blew up the clown. Literally. The West Coast chain filmed its iconic mascot exploding into smithereens for a series of commercials in the early 1980s, signaling a step towards "seriousness." That supposed maturity included the Chicken Supreme with "two kinds of cheese on a toasted whole-wheat bun." The clown eventually returned.

Image: Jack in the Box


Roy Rogers Big Chicken Club

Naturally, Bonanza is our favorite restaurant chain named after a popular Western, but Roy Rogers holds a special place in our hearts, too. The Double-R brand once stretched across the country, but today the business has condensed to a few dozen locations on the East Coast. It still offers chicken sandwiches, but not this mammoth, bacon-boosted Club from the early 1990s.

Image: Roy Rogers


BONUS: Red Barn "Dignifried" Chicken Dinner

The defunct Red Barn fast-food chain was best known for its "Big Barney" burger, a competitor to the Big Mac and Big Shef. But we wanted to give a shout-out to its "Dignifried" Chicken Dinner, mostly because it used the word "Dignifried," which deserves a place in the dictionary as much as "adorbs."

Image: Red Barn


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