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8 vintage toy ads from the '60s that were popular Christmas gifts

The holiday season often brings back lots of childhood memories. It takes us back to a much simpler time when we were happy children, eagerly waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning. When you think of these memories, do you remember playing with your favorite toys?

Here are eight vintage ads from the '60s that were popular Christmas gifts. Were any of these your favorite?


Mini Cars

(1964) Advertisement

Cars are always an incredible gift, especially for adults. However, children also love them, making sense for companies to create mini cars. Children could sit in their seats in these small vehicles and experience their first drive.


See N' Say Clock Toy

(1966) Advertisement

A talking clock sounds like the perfect gift for a child learning to tell time. As you can see, in this advertisement, each hour has a different character that helps the child know what time it is.


Lego building blocks

(1967) Advertisement

You never know what can influence a child to build things, so why not buy them lego building blocks? This popular toy is known for its versatility; you can create a house or even a fire truck with its pieces.


Board Games

(1967) Advertisement

Bored? Well, Board games can help with that! In the advertisement, these were some of the most popular board games that brought fun for the entire family.


Mini Boat

(1967) Advertisement

As you can see, mini items during the '60s were a big deal. You can't purchase a boat for a child's Christmas gift, but you can buy a mini boat they can put in water just like a real one would.



(1968) Advertisement

When you have pre-teens and teens, buying gifts can be a little challenging. Yet, things like a foosball table were a great idea, not just for them but also for family time.


Racetrack Toy

(1969) Advertisement

Children were obsessed with cars a lot during the '60s. This great advertisement shows a racetrack.


Mattel Dancing Doll

(1969) Advertisement

Almost every young girl wanted a doll, and with new ideas floating, Mattel decided to make a dancing doll that also became a popular gift.

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