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Duos Through the Decades

True friendships last through the decades. Despite the pings and pangs, these pals stuck it out and laughed it up.


I Love Lucy

Ricky and Fred from “Equal Rights”

Everyone knows Lucy and Ethel were like peas in a pod, but their husbands were just as close. In fact, the boys often teamed up to teach their wives a lesson, only to learn a thing or two themselves. 


Our Miss Brooks

Brooks and Boynton from “Boynton Play-Acts”

Ask Miss Brooks if Mr. Boynton was her “friend”, and she’d probably groan. The boyish Boynton never seemed to catch on that Connie wanted more. Of course, Connie was happy to play along and raise the issue when she got a chance.


Petticoat Junction

Betty Jo and Higgins in “Betty Jo’s Dog”

Before his leap to stardom in the Benji film franchise, Higgins the dog starred as Betty Jo’s canine companion who followed her around. The playful pooch, affectionately named “Dog”, charmed his way out of trouble and into the Bradleys’ hearts.


The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Lou and Rhoda from "Lou's Second Date"

Before Harry and Sally tackled the implications of male-female relationships, Lou and Rhoda lead the charge. From re-decorating Lou’s house to enjoying a game, Lou and Rhoda’s friendship was just that – no matter what anyone else read into it. 



Joanna and Stephanie in "The Shape of Things"

Stephanie really only had one best friend – herself. But in the moments when she looked up from her own reflection, the ever-selfless Joanna was an okay fill-in. The girls started an aerobics club, planned a Moroccan vacation, and wore wedding dresses together.

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